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{So here we are, everything from the first seven years of Melting Pot, pretty much as it was for seven years. I’ll be fixing broken links to these pages and reposting any audio I still have from the earlier years. I was finally (AFTER SEVEN YEARS!) able to fix the search, so you can look for things a lot easier Enjoy the memories!}

7/7/16 marks the 7th anniversary of this blog. I’m not sure if I ever really thought I’d be doing this as long as all of that, but now that I’m here at this mark, it gives me some time to reflect. A lot has changed in my life over these seven years. The one constant has always been music. While I may never have a radio show again, or a regular night at a club/bar, it is a profound privilege just to occupy some space on the interwebs and share music for those who care to listen. With all that said, I’m going to renovate, refresh and restart anew on 7/7. We’ll have a new design and I’ll be moving all of these posts from the past seven years to a separate “Classic” website. All of the old posts will be there, all of the music, every single thing, including all of the comments…but I’ll be starting all over again on this website. I’m not really sure how this is all going to go, but I’m excited to start over and start fresh. Thanks to everyone who’s swung by this site over the years, listened to the tunes and shared posts…most of all, I hope y’all dig where Melting Pot goes next.

2 Responses to “7 Years Of Melting Pot: An End & A Beginning…”

  1. Jenny

    So many of us don’t much listen to the radio anymore, but we rely on musical sources like Meltingpot!! I enjoy your blog and continue to play old shows and share the music with others . I hope you keep going! You have a unique and soothing voice. The kids really trip out when I play your sets, and the old timers love your interviews and live music shows. I wish KPFK would have supported you more with that. I’d love to hear more sociology commentary as well from you , and more interviews. So much wisdom in your words, please keep sharing! And thank you for keeping up access to all the older stuff.

  2. Michael Barnes

    Thank you Jenny…I hope you dig what's next as much as what came before!

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