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The Silhouettes – Lunar Invastion
The Silhouettes – Question: Why?
The Silhouettes – Fonky First

I really don’t have too much to say about this supremely funky endeavor by The Silhouettes. I feel like I either heard this first from Matthew Africa or from one of the rare instances where youtube actually suggested something that I hadn’t heard, but actually wanted to hear. The album was released on Nathan Davis’ Segue record label and is real hard to track down in the original, but it’s definitely worth it. “Lunar Invasion” is one of the funkiest flute tunes I’ve ever heard, especially the way it closes, which almost actually sounds (to these Post Hip-Hop ears) as if a DJ keeps bringing the break back around. “Fonky First” is also heavy on the drums and just as dope. “Question: Why?” is one of the few vocal tracks on the album, and it’s lovely listen, with little pockets of funk, though mostly with a more pensive feel. I wish someone had had some conversations with the Silhouettes to put out more music, cause we definitely could have used more based on what the laid down here.



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