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Power Of Zeus – The Sorcerer Of Isis
Power Of Zeus – It Couldn’t Be Me
Power Of Zeus – No Time

Today would have been Matthew Africa’s 44th birthday and as has been the case since he left us in 2012, many of the people who knew him and were influenced by him have been paying tribute to him on this day. This year the album I’ve chosen to highlight is one that I only discovered because of the memorial sale of Matthew’s collection. Like so many, just perusing all of those titles, some of which I distinctly remembered and many I simply had never heard, was quite an experience. While I was able to win some of the records that were most personally important to me (like the Fire Eater I shared last year), there were many many albums that I just missed out on or were way out of my meager budget. This album was one of the ones that got away, but just before my birthday this year I was able to track down a copy.

Power Of Zeus was a hard (I do mean HARD) psych band out of Detroit with a sound that showed they were clearly very big fans of Black Sabbath. MatthewAfrica2015“Sorcerer Of Isis” is the song that most people seek this album out for, and it’s got the kind of clean, open and hard rock drums that producers drool over. I was just as impressed with “No Time” and “It Couldn’t Be Me” where that heavy sound is also on display. I wish I’d been able to talk to Matthew about this record, instead of discovering after he passed, but then again, there never would have been enough time to talk to Matthew about all of the music he loved. Though Matthew was known for his soul and funk collection, his psych & rock chops were just as strong. In fact, Matthew is one of the few people I’ve known whose tastes were as diverse as mine. It’s rare to find people who really dig on as many types of music as Matthew did, which is one of the reasons his loss still hits so many of us so hard all these years later. But thankfully, there will always be the music.

Peace be with you,



Dungen – Flickor Och Pojkar

It’s been almost 5 whole years since Dungen blessed us with new music. I have no idea why they took so long (though hopefully I’ll be able to find out from asking them, keep your fingers crossed on that front!), but I’m thankful the wait is over and we finally have new music from the group in the form of this album Allas Sak. In the beginning, Dungen was essentially the Gustaj Ejstes show, but essentially since Tio Bitar, they’ve been working as a four piece rounded out by Reine Fiske, Mattias Gustavsson and Johan Holmegard. The new album continues a clear progression from the group when you compare their earliest work to the more recent albums. There is definitely a mellower tone as the band has matured and fully truly a band. While they haven’t lost any of their psychedelic leanings, the sound of the group, at least on record, is a bit smoother at the edges and more focused on presenting sounds that flow more fluidly. One of the many things I’ve enjoyed about this group is the frequent inclusion of instrumentals. with such an impeccable attention to sound, it’s always nice to fully experience the music as music. “Flickor Och Pojkar” is a really interesting track, for while it clearly has all of the hallmarks of Dungen’s trademark psych-inflected sound, once the various elements come together when the drums come in, I’d swear this was a “future-funk” instrumental that would find a happy home in the mix with a group like Hiatus Kaiyote. Sounds like this tell me that the band is still searching and still exploring, which is very good for those of us who are fans of Dungen.


{I took a couple week hiatus, mostly just because of the mountain of grading from CSULB, but I’ll be back full force online this week!!!}

One of my absolute favorite bands of the 21st century, Swedish rockers Dungen, will be here in Los Angeles this Sunday performing at the Echo. Headed up by Gustav Ejstes, the band has garnered a dedicated fan base around the world with it’s distinctive psychedelic sound, that is equal parts “retro” as it is “modern.” Few bands around today have the incredible detail and attention to sound that Dungen has, and if you want a chance to see them live, courtesy of Melting Pot, make sure you e-mail me at michael[at] by 3pm Friday, October 23rd!!!

Dungen just released their sixth full-length album, Allas Sak, and included this cheeky video for the song Franks Kaktus, where they appear to be the house band for a mid-1980s/early-1990s public access TV show, with all the sartorial splendor you’d expect from that time period:

Here the band performs several songs from a concert in Stockholm in 2013, which should give you a really good sense of how the show at The Echo will be Sunday night, though I doubt Gustav will be breaking any chairs on stage…then again, you never know:

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